Fiddle Gateway

In years 2022 and 2023 we co-created an Erasmus+ project: European Fiddle Gate. The project connected European influent folk violin educators. The overall objective was to raise an awareness of the importance of the folk music in education. Integration of folk music in the established classical and jazz educational institutions was discussed. A web database was created as a tool for a better orientation within a large amount of European fiddle tunes.

Bahnhof Leisnig (GER)
Društvo za ENO glasbo / Society for ONE music (SLO)

Two international conferences of folk violin educators took place:
August 21st – 28th 2022, Bahnhof Leisnig (PDF, video)
August 13th – 20th 2023, Bahnhof Leisnig (PDF, video)

1.       Folk Fiddle Curriculum for crossover studies:

  • minimum standards for crossover teachers to introduce one style
  • integration of the folk styles into established classical and jazz education
  • starting to build more solid basis for a folk violin curriculum 

2.       Fiddle Gateway web platform:

  • evidences of individual repertoires of tunes for individual players
  • common repertoire of multiple players
  • create personal wish list of tunes to learn
  • definition of the classic repertoire in the regional folk styles
  • which are most played tunes?
  • guide for non-folk teachers in choosing tunes (level, region, technical speciality)

3.    Organising Fiddle Gateway Jams in different countries.

4.    Discussion, sharing experiences and visions for fiddle education.

5.    Echoes of the conferences: